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Parenting Guide


Understanding the true reasons behind certain abnormal behaviour of special needs children and how we as parents are able to deal with these situations correctly.

Episode 1 : Why do children tend to seek violence?

Children tend to get angry during conversations or playing with others is due to a misunderstanding, want to prove their points, unable to explain their actions or parents/others are not listening to what they have to say. Which resulted in children seeking violence as a form of expression.
The correct way to handle these situations is response and understand their thoughts and needs, also don't always criticize children's behaviours and actions without understanding the situation completely. 

Episode 2 : Why do children lose control of their actions in public? (Part 1)

Sometimes children lose control and start shouting around, is because they feel ignored. Which the situation would escalate if parents lack the ability to handle it. The correct method is firstly processed your own emotions, making sure you have the right attitude to deal with the situation. Secondly, recognize is the surrounding environment the right place to deal with the issue?

Episode 3 : Why do children lose control of their actions in public? (Part 2)

As parents, we must understand sometime how we formulate our wordings and tone has a direct impact on the children's behaviour. We have to remember that during these situations we are not talking to an adult instead we are talking to kids, which they might not always understand what we are expressing. Therefore, the key factor is to be patient and try to understand from their perspectives.

Episode 4 : Why can't children stay focus during class? (Part 1)

There are countless factors which could cause distraction whenever children are studying or try to stay focus on what they are doing. We must first understand the reason for the distraction, could it be their personal issue, pressure from their parents or could it be the surrounding environment? To help children to stay focus, we as parents, have the responsibilities to create an environment which it's suitable for work or studying. More importantly, we as parents must show that we care about the struggle our children are facing, not solely on their academic achievements.

Episode 5 : Why can't children stay focus during class? (Part 2)

Parents must distinguish the difference between difficulties in staying focused and be lazy. Just because your children do not perform well in school or fail to achieve good results in any academic areas, does not necessarily mean your children are lazy. There are numerous reasons which could cause children to have unpleasant academic results, such as lack of motivation or unable to grasp the current learning method. We must understand that in term of education, we should focus on quality and not quantity. Is not how well or how much your children have learned, is how they could apply what they learned to their lives.

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