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The term "genius" does not only mean a person who displays exceptional intelligent, but it also means those who are gifted in athleticism, creativity, musically, artistically and etc.


There is no precise definition of what "genius" means or how to classify a person as "genius". However, there are plenty of quizzes and tests which we can easily find online that could scientifically measure a person's creativity, logical reasoning and other abilities. 


Once he/she has found out their capabilities in their gifted areas, whether it is creativity, athleticism or logical reasoning. It could help them reach their full potential.


Genius Symptoms

There have been many attempts from different professors and scientists who tried to explain the nature and source of genius, even though they have designed many intricate tests and quizzes. However, the reason of how a person becomes a genius or gifted in certain areas has been unclear. Which lead to many believing genius are most likely genetically inherited.


Here are some characteristics of a genius:

  • Creativity

  • Visionary

  • Passionate

  • High IQ

  • Versatility

  • Curiosity

  • Individualism

  • Honesty

Parenting guide to genius children

It is easy to drift into the trap of talking to a gifted child as though she were an adult and leaning upon her for advice and sometimes even emotional support. She is so obviously competent and seems adult-like in so many areas. It is also too easy for parents to share personal matters that are simply inappropriate for the child. This can lead to confusion regarding the child's role within the family, with the child feeling far more responsibility for the parent's well-being than a child sound.

A child need to be allowed to have a childhood largely free of adult worries and concerns. Gifted children truly do some amazing things, even achieve at adult levels. Although this can be a joy to watch, parents must avoid blurring those adult-child boundaries. Remember, emotional maturity and judgement lag far behind intellect in gifted children. Even though a gifted children appear adult-like, her emotional readiness for adult content and themes is usually closer to same-age peers. 


Sadly, some of these admirable qualities have often been mistaken as arrogant, stubborn and lack the ability to live a normal social life. Due to this misunderstanding, some genius has been isolated or perhaps been bullied at school or work. Because others view them as abnormal or weird.


Ways to communicate with them:

  • Understand their perspective

  • Take time to listen

  • Gives response

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Maintain a positive attitude

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